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Welcome to Redd Up Clothing

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Calling all Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, Boston to Buffalo, etc...Northeastern natives longing for a sense of home away from home, Redd Up Clothing has you!  

We love your fast talking, unfiltered, thick skinned, never offended, wise cracking, sports crazed, hardworking, tough loving, neighbor helping, good eating, snow driving and ever resilient ways!  

Don’t hide it, wear your favorite Redd Up Clothing and tell the world what is on your mind. Who knows, the person standing right next to you might just be a lot like you!


Designated Drinker


The F Word LS

Stir-Lazy LS

Pop Culture

Pierogi Sunrise

Smiling on the Inside

Fantastically Awkward

The F Word is like Hot Sauce

Stay in Your Lane

Just Rip It

Forever On Point